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Electric Fans

Unbraked electric fans are intended for separate ventilation, dustremoving and cooling devices in underground coal mines with methane or coal dust hazard. They may be used both for suction and delivery systems with an air pipe system inclination of up to 90° against the horizontal axis.


The electric motors feature airtight separation from the transported air, they can transport air with higher methane content.


The fan is certified for atmospheric conditions IM2. The fans are ATEX-certificated according to the Directive 94/9/EC.


Braked electric fans are intended for separate ventilation in undreground coal mines endangered with methane or coal dust.They are provided with a brake. In case of the electric drive shutoff, the electric motor is stalled and thus not generating any voltage on the electric motor terminals. They are intended for continuous operation with a limited number of switching off.

Fan Type Diameter A
[ mm ]
Length B
[ mm ]
High C
[ mm ]
Large diameter
of flange D 

[ mm ]
Number of hole E x
Diameter of hole F

[ mm ]
Spacing diameter
of flange G

[ mm ]
315 560 495 404 4x E 14 370
630 1160 830 724 12x E 14 690
800 1170 1045 890 12x E 14 860