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Unbraked counter-rotating fans are intended for dust-removing and cooling devices or separate ventilation in underground mines with methane or coal dust hazard.


Braked counter-rotating fans are intended for separate ventilation in underground coal mines endangered with methane or coal dust. They are provided with a brake, i. e., they do not induce electric current when switched off. They are intended for continuous operation with a limited number of switching off.


In emergency, both fans can be operated with 1 electric motor (especially the first one).


The electric motors feature airtight separation from the transported air, they can transport air with higher methane content, the proper fans, however, must be located as IM2 devices. The fans are ATEX-certificated according to the Directive 94/9/EC.

Fan Type
Diameter A
[ mm ]
Length B
[ mm ]
High C
[ mm ]
Large diameter
of flange D

[ mm ]
Number of hole E x
Diameter of hole F

[ mm ]
Spacing diameter
of flange G

[ mm ]
VPAEP-B-2×2 855 -braked
VPAEP-N-2×2 855 -without brake
800 2290 1045 890 12x E 14 860